Let’s help define, design and implement IT strategies that unlock growth and efficiency for your business

IT Consulting Services We Offer

We offer a range of IT consulting services to help businesses optimize their technology infrastructure. Our team of experts will assess your current systems, identify areas for improvement, and provide tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

IT Strategy Consulting

We help you create a strategy that blends a diversified IT landscape with the existing business processes for driving new business initiatives.

· Business-IT alignment planning

· Creation of IT operating model

· IT sourcing planning and strategy

· Application integration planning

· Application performance management strategy

· IT security and compliance planning

person using laptop
person using laptop

Our IT specialists offer the right expertise for verifying and planning digital transformation initiatives that would bring the competitive edge to your business.

· Digital customer experience

· Remote work enablement

· Connected products

· Digital HR

· Business model innovation

We analyze and assess the existing state of technology in your business and guide a steady evolution to enhance its contribution to your business growth.

· Cloud consulting

· Application reliability consulting

· Data quality consulting

· AI consulting

· IoT consulting

white robot near brown wall
white robot near brown wall
two men in suit sitting on sofa
two men in suit sitting on sofa
Digital Transformation Consulting
Technology Consulting
woman placing sticky notes on wall
woman placing sticky notes on wall
Solution Consulting

We thoroughly understand your business needs and guide you about strategic decisions on the implementation of business-critical solutions with agility.

· Solution concept and architecture

· Solution implementation

· UX services.

· Outsourced project management

· Continuous consulting support

IT expertise that helps you make the best decisions

Whether you want to start from scratch or revamp your existing IT environment, our experts can help you with the right strategies and approach. With seasoned IT consultants showing you the way, you can get the best solutions that address your business needs perfectly. Leveraging more than a decade-long experience in IT, Globnex offers remote consultancy on holistic, agile and cost-effective optimization of your IT processes and systems to ensure tangible outcomes for your business.

Agile and Sustainable Results

Our approach focuses on incremental and steady changes that help you gain positive outcomes with agility and continue getting better with time.

More than just Consultants

Globnex offers services that go much beyond IT advisory and consulting- from implementation to support, managed services and more.

A Balanced Approach

We understand the impact of the potential upgrades for defining and prioritizing the scope of changes to ensure reliable yet powerful improvements.

Cost-effective IT Optimization

We leverage our extensive IT experience to drive substantial results for the clients’ business by optimizing IT at a reasonable budget.

Remote Expertise You Can Trust

Even as we offer remote IT consulting expertise, you can still trust us for delivering top-notch guidance that can unlock your business potential.

Measurable Benefits

We start by defining target KPIs with the client and build our services around these targets to ensure complete satisfaction.




Don’t just settle for mediocre outcomes- take your business ahead with the best IT solutions.